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Alphabet (1 Alphattack2 Type ‘em up), Clothes (1 Halloween Dress Up , 2 Hero Machine) Colours (Sveerz)Directions (Pacman, Orbox), Driving & directions (Driver Seat), Ordinals (Spooky Match), Pronunciation (Valentine’s TypingReading (1 Ant Hill Trap, 2 Cinderella’s Magic Escape, Christmas Scene), Speaking (1 Dot-to-dot, 2 Orpheus), Virtual Pet, Vocabulary (Farm, The Idiot Test)


Directions (1 Pacman/ Orbox), Physical descriptions (1 Hero Machine) , Prepositions of place (1), Grammar there is/ are (and short answers), Speaking (1 New in Town), Writing (1 Graffiti Creator, 2)


Countries (1 A Game of Geography) Comparatives & Superlatives (Disney Top TrumpsDictionary work (1 Blue Beanie),  Listening (The Smurf’s Last ChristmasPicture dictation (Christmas ecardQuestion forms (ask Peter), Reading (Hamster Rescue, Halloween Game), Speaking (1 Dream Machine, 2 Escape From Christmas, 3 Vortex Point 4 Clash of Clans, 5 Vortex Point 2 6 Monkey Go Happy) There is/ there are (Music Box of Life)


Conditionals: 1st Conditional (1 Christmas Escape, 2 Quest For The Rest), 2nd Conditional Tube Crisis, 3rd Conditional An Interactive StoryDictionary work, Direct speech (1 Zimmer Twins, 2 Comic Book Bubbles), Error Correction (The Rainy Day)Future Clauses with ‘IF (Designing a Gaming Shop), Live Listening (1 Hapland, 2 Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS), 3 World Cup Rescue, 4 Scooby Doo and The Temple of Lost Souls, 5 Panda’s Big Adventure, 6 The Smurf’s Last Christmas) Narrative Tenses (1 Grow Cube, 2 The First Hero) Prepositions of place (1 Cold Window, 2 Obama Guantanamo Escape), Present simple, Present Perfect (1 Droppy, 2 Hoppin’ at The Avocado Combos) Question forms (1 Who wants to be a Millionaire – Samorost2 , 2 Samorost2 Quiz, 3 The Scale of the Universe, The Akinator) Reading (RunescapeTale of Big Treasure, 3 Anika’s Odyssey, 4 McDonald’s Video Game, 5 Nearly Departed, 6 The Big Escape, 7 Gaming Statistics, 8 Harry Quantum, 9 Deponia, 10 A Darker Ride, 11 Monkey Go Happy Christmas, 12 Anika’s Odyssey),Should‘ (Tomb of the Mummy, Quandary), Speaking (1 Enercities, 2 Panda’s Big Adventure), Vocabulary (Kitchen, Quizicon - 100 most common words in English, BBC Senses Challenge), Writing (1 Graffiti Creator, 2 Twilight Eclipse Interactive, 3 Disaster Watch, 4 Kinetto, 5 Gaming Soundtracks, 6 Xtranormal)

Upper Intermediate

Conditionals (2nd3rdjob application, Learning questListening (1 Alan Wake Trailer, 2 Room Fake, 3 Pirates of The Undead Sea, 4 What We Want To See), modals of deductionmodals of obligation (State of Debate), modals of probability (Dixie The Nerd), Narrative Tenses (Arcane Season), Note-taking (1 3rd World Farmer, 2 Tucoga’s Room), Phrasal Verbs (1 Machinarium2 Droppy), Present Perfect Passive (Droppy), Reading (1 Video Games Go To The Movies, 2 Runescape, 3 Morningstar, 4 Hetherdale, 5 State of Debate, 6 Tanooky Tracks, 7 Nick Toldy 8 9 Odd Games 9 McVideo), 8 Lucky Luke?, 9 Honoloko 10 Something AmissRelative clauses & Conditionals (Tube Crisis), Relative clauses (Grow Cube), Speaking (1 Mr. Vengeance, 2 Pick Your Poster, 3 Pick Your Pacman Picture, 4 Factory of Fear, Stop Disasters), Writing (Brain CellBallad of Kinetto, Soundtracks, Vortex Point, Vortex Point 2Stop DisastersDirect Speech (Xtranormal)


Expressing opinions (war and conflict, Living in a foreign country, Getting a job), Listening (1 Casualty Challenge, 2 Alan Wake, 3 Bow Street Runner, 4 What We Want To See), Modals of obligation (Global Warming Interactive), Note-taking (3rd World Farmer), Online Dictionary Work (Mortimer Beckett and the time paradoxReading (1 Runescape, 2 Spent, 3 Bow Street Runner, 4 Inside The Haiti Disaster, 5 MP For a Week, 6 Rizzoli & Isles, 7 Charles Dickens’ London8 Hunger Games, 9 Dark Visions, Argument Wars), Sequencing Events (War Bears), Speaking (1 Global Warming Interactive, 2 Spent, 3 Pick Your Poster, 4 Pick Your Pacman Poster, 5 Factory of Fear), Writing (1 Xtranormal, 2 Dark VisionsVocabulary (Blockbusters)

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