Add a little colour to class with Grafitti Creator

By kylemawer  

grafitti creator

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Here’s a brief description of ten uses of an online grafitti creator for your English Language Learners.  They require very little preparation and I’ve included some tips on how to use them.  All these games were chosen because they are free, easily accessible, engaging and fun for English Language Learners.

1) Project titles – Make any project work stand out a little more by using the grafitti creator to write the titles.  Great when the topic is music, stars fashion, youth culture, videogames or even grafitti.

2) Folder decoration – Young learners love to personalize their folders by decorating them with doodles, tags and pics of their favourite singers and stars.  Why not a little grafitti?  The (English) words their oyster.

3) Fave words – Why not poll your learners on what their favourite words are in the English language?  Then write them out as grafitti and print them off and decorate a corner of the classroom?  Their favourite word can be based on meaning, sound, association or simply the look of it.

4) Posters – Poster work displayed on the classroom wall can be made a little more eye-catching with the prudent use of a little grafitti.  Names of the authors, titles or just simple decoration.

5) Song Lyrics – Get learners to research the song lyrics to some of their favourite songs and bands.  They may be surprised when they focus on the meaning of the lyrics.  Ask them to choose a line they like and turn it into grafitti.  They may need to screencapture short segments and string them together as the grafitti creator has a limited amount of space.

6) Quotes – Famous quotes or quotes that hold a special meaning for your learners.  A line from a book, a proverb, a well known expression or saying or even a line from a poem or a song.  All great candidates for grafitti.

7) Personal Expression – Why not let your learners get a bit creative and write what they like?  Brainstorm a few ideas in the classroom and then let them play away.  Oh yeah!  It has to be in English.
8) Name tags – I’m terrible with names at the beginning of a course so I get my learners to write their names using grafitti generator.  True they are a bit more difficult to read but I have an excuse to pick them up and take a long look at them – I”I like the colours here”, “What’s this letter?”, “This looks cool!” etc

9) Vocabulary bag – Get learners to make their own vocabulary bags by making grafitti word tags at home and adding them to a vocab bag in class.  Great for a word activity when they have tidied up at the end of class.

10) Flashcards – create grafitti word flashcards for pelmanism, labelling, pictionary cards or any other use you can think of!

Well that’s all from us for this year.  We´ll be back in the new year.  All it leaves for me to say is:

merry christmas

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