Mcdonald’s Parody Game

By kylemawer  

Connected classroom room reading activity.

Level: Intermediate.

Location: Connected classroom

Skills Focus: Reading

Game: Mcdonald’s video game

Calling itself a digital parody of Mcdonald’s, this game takes a very critical look at the process behind the fast food company.  If you’ve read or seen ‘supersize me’ or ‘fast food nation’ then you should play this.

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 12.06.39 PM


Download a copy of the Mcdonald’s video game worksheet and make a copy of the first page for each pair of learners in your class.  The second page contains teachers’ notes.


  1. Connect to the game in the class and set English as the language you want to play the game in (British flag).
  2. Choose a volunteer to read ‘The Game’ introduction out.
  3. Brainstorm vocabulary items from the 4 pictures to the left of the intro.
  4. Click play and allow enough time for your learners to read the disclaimer and then ask them why they think that is included there and what does it say about the game.
  5. Click continue and then hand out the worksheets.

Reading task

  1. Explain the game is quite complicated and to play it well you need to read the tutorial.
  2. Click on the tutorial.
  3. Learners do the worksheet activities while you follow the instructions on the teachers’ notes page.

Post reading task

Learners play the game either in a computer room or for homework and then complete the last activity on the worksheet either back in the classroom or for homework.

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  1. mura
    Posted June 4, 2010 at 1:47 pm | Permalink

    Just finished using this activity in a connected class. The first question to describe the process was very useful for my class to revise passive forms, link words and cause and effect vocab.

    Students seemed to appreciate the humour in the game; for example when asked what three things they would say about the game to a friend one student said “subversive”.

    The game was also sufficiently difficult, students kept restarting it to try to get a good score.

    Many thanks for this Digital Play!

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