Bonte Room Adjective Order

By kylemawer  

Level: Intermediate+

Location: Classroom then Computer room

Skills Focus: Reading & Writing

Language Focus: Adjective word order

Game: Bonte Room

This is a very short point and click game.  In the gap fill exercise some of the gaps can be filled by simply playing the game and copying them into the right place.  Some objects in the gap fill have more spaces than adjectives supplied in the game.  This encourages learners to be a bit more inventive.

Screen shot 2010-05-13 at 1.19.09 PM


Pre Play

  1. Hand out a copy of the Bonte Room Gap Fill Activity to each learner.
  2. Learners work in pairs to guess what adjective could go in each space.
  3. Feedback in open class.


  1. Learners take the Bonte Room Gap Fill Activity to the computer room.
  2. They play the game in pairs and correct and change any of their guesses on the walkthrough.
  3. When each pair has finished finish the activity.
  4. Fast finishers can start to make their own worksheet for a different Bonte game (link at the bottom of the screen).

Post Play

  1. Back in the classroom compare answers in open class.
  2. Discuss any differences.
  3. Learners rank their adjectives into columns (opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material etc)
  4. If you are in a connected classroom learners dictate to you how to play the game and you play it on the board.

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