By kylemawer  

Level: Beginners

Location: Connected classroom

Skills Focus: Speaking

Target Language: Ordinals

Game: Spookymatch


  1. Present the language for “First”, “Second”, “Third” and “fourth” as well as “up” and “down”. This will help learners identify a row.
  2. Present the language for either “along” or “from the left/ right”.  This will help learners identify a column.
  3. Present the game and point to random squares and elicit language from above.  Say “where is this?”  e.g. “first down (and) first along” or “fourth up (and) first from the left” both identify the first spider shown in the screenshot above.


  1. Ask learners “Where (shall I go)?”.  Elicit the location of a square on the game and click on it with the mouse.  One picture is revealed.
  2. Repeat the first step so two pictures are revealed.  If they are the same they stay on show.  If they are different they disappear.
  3. Repeat the steps above until all the pictures in the game are on show.

Post activity

Learners make their own flashcards and play the game on their table.

Play a larger version of the game with flashcards and expand on ordinal language (fifth, sixth etc).

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