Gap fill point-and-click game

By kylemawer  

This is a point and click game where you have to find words in order to fill the gaps in a letter.

Level: Intermediate+

Location: Computer classroom

Skills focus: Reading

Game: The Big Escape


Download a copy of The Big Escape Worksheet and print enough copies for each pair.


  1. Hand out the worksheet and ask learners to do exercise 1.  They should write any words they guess using pencil.
  2. Learners compare, discuss any differences and choose the best answers.
  3. They also look at exercise 3 and guess the answers before comparing.
  4. Make sure they know what a noun, verb, compound noun, adjective and a homonym mean.


  1. Tell your learners they are going to check their answers by playing a game.
  2. In the computer room direct learners to the game ‘The Big Escape’.  They play the game in pairs.
  3. One learner plays while the other completes the worksheet.  Change roles every 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Learners complete the journal in the game which they also have on their worksheet.
  5. Fast finishers can start to play the next game.  When everyone has finished stop the game.

Post Play

Go back to the classroom and check the answers:

Exercise 1 The Letter – 14, Dear, scooping, vinegar, place, smart, feed, gold fish.

Exercise 2 The Walkthrough – kettle/boils, lamp/see, telescope/look, gold fish/find, record player/find, gold key/ open

You can discuss some of the more difficult vocabulary and find synonyms.  e.g. scooping up = buying, getting etc

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