A Downloadable Game – Nearly Departed

By kylemawer  

Sometimes access to the internet in a classroom or computer room may not always be reliable or even available. Here is a very visual and humorous point and click adventure game that you can download and play on a computer without an internet connection.

Gameplay: You wake up to discover you are a zombie with a bad case of amnesia, who needs to find out who you are and how you died.

Size: 20.11 MB

OS: Microsoft or Mac

Download site: John green art

Comments: This is a demo version and so it’s not a complete version. However you get quite an extensive game just doing the demo and by the end you can pretty much say who you were, stuff about your personal life and make an educated guess at why you died.

Screen shot 2010-05-06 at 10.59.10 AM

Level: Intermediate+

Location: Computer room

Skills Focus: Reading


Download the game onto a hard drive/ hard drives (and transfer to a disc if you want)

Learners open a word document and write the title ‘Nearly Departed’.  Brainstorm predictions on what the game is about.

Dictate the following walkthrough for learners to type up in the word document:

  1. Pick up the sheet with mud all over it lying in the grave.
  2. Go round and pick up the shovel.
  3. Use the shovel on the headstone to wipe the earth off it.
  4. Put some of the mud in your pocket.
  5. Walk up the path towards the cemetery gates.


Learners access the game in pairs and use the walkthrough you dictated to start the game.

When they complete the dictated walkthrough they should continue playing and write the rest of the walkthrough as they discover it.

If they don’t know a word in English they can draw a line and list the words* they don’t know on a separate piece of paper.

Learners save their walkthrough when you choose to stop the activity.

Post Play Activity

Learners look at lists of words* and look them up in a dictionary for homework and copy them into the walkthrough.

Learners read and peer correct other learners walkthroughs.


Learners expand on the walkthrough and change any repetitive language (‘click’ etc).

If your learners reach the end of the demo they can write out their theory to what happened to the central character.  You could help them by supplying these questions:

Who is he?  Where did he live?  Who did he know?  Where did he live?  What was his job?  Where was he murdered?  Why was he murdered?  Who murdered him?

Most of these questions are answered but not all of them.  However, an educated guess can be made and it’s interesting to see if any different theories come up.  Any differences of opinion make an excellent opportunity for debate.

Alternative activity

Learners play the game in the computer room and in another internet explorer page read the Nearly Departed Walkthrough.  By reading the walkthrough they can play the game much quicker and easily.

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