Playing with words

By kylemawer  

Play Twist Our Words

This is a fun activity to do in the computer room.  Check out one we made here – Digital Play Twist.  This ‘digital toy’ is on the British Tv Channel 4 site.  You click on the words and make sentences (the sentence you are making appears in the bottom left hand corner).  You can edit what you write by clicking on your word so that a dotted line appears behind the word you are interested in.  You can also move that dotted line by using the arrow keys.  You can also delete words (use the delete button) and add new ones (from the selection of words you have on the site).  If you want to delete all the work you’ve done then click on the ‘clear all’ button on the bottom to the right. Here’s what it looks like:

Twist Our Words

I’ve even added a dramatic pause in the middle, which is one of  four options – look on the bottom right at the end of all the words.

When you’ve finished making your sentence then press the play button that’s just after the sentence you’ve made.  You’ll then see various British personalities saying the sentence one word at a time.

Twist Our Words

If you’d like to see some examples then click here.

How did I use this in a class?  In the computer room I just got students to play on the site and show me and their classmates the sentences they made.  I monitored and pointed out and language mistakes and encouraged them to correct them and make them as long as possible.

You can then get students to vote on the best and explain why they thought a particular one was the best.

Thanks to Nik Peachey for making us aware of this digital toy.

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