‘Type ‘Em Up’ Spelling Game

By kylemawer  

Level: Beginners

Language Focus: Spelling letters of the alphabet

Skills Practice: Pronunciation

Game: Type ‘Em Up

This works great as a warmer.  Use the space bar or enter key to move your ship up and down and type in the letters on the keyboard to shoot them down on the screen.

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 12.31.12 PM


Sit your learners in front of the board.  You may want to clear some space first.  Then divide the class into three teams.  Get them to decide on a name for each team and write them down.  I then usually get this game up on the board and ask a learner to tell the class how to play the game.  It’s a simple game and one of them can usually intuitively guess how its played.  I let them use their own language for convenience sake.


  1. A learner from the team that is about to play comes to the front and stands on the right of the keyboard.  Their role is to press the enter button on the keyboard to move the ship.
  2. Teams take it in turns to call out letters while you type in the letters they say on the keyboard.
  3. When their game ends make a note of the points they scored.
  4. It’s the next teams turn.  Repeat from step 1.


A disadvantage of this game is that the spaceship controls are not too good.  You have to move to the top before you can move down.  So you can move in small degrees but only in one direction.  However, your learners simply learn that this is part of the game and play on.  It’s also a little fast for my liking but that’s why it works great as a warmer.  Just be warned that your learners will be a bit hyper after this game – channel it into a ‘moving the furniture back into place’ activity from when you moved them at the beginning of the activity (LoL).

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