Choice of the Dragon

By kylemawer  

This is a great interactive reader with a nice sense of humour for higher levels and a good way to get learners using an online dictionary.

Level: Advanced

Location: Computer room

Skills Focus: Reading

Game: Choice of the Dragon

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Decide how you are going to use the reader in class.  There are a few ways to approach this.

A nice way to orientate your learners to the language focus and task is to first dictate a few of the words for your learners to record.  I use the following grid system with my learners that’s easy to dictate:

Screen shot 2010-05-31 at 8.10.42 AMor show the opening sequence of the game and elicit difficult language items from the text in open class for learners to record.


In the computer room learners play the game in pairs and discuss the decisions they need to make.

Post Play

  1. Back in the classroom in new pairs learners compare stories and discuss the differences, choices and the resulting storyline.
  2. For homework learners play the game again but choose different choices.  They:
  • record difficult words in their grids and next class see if anyone can teach them the meaning of the words.
  • Play and note down three differences in storyline between this reading and the class reading.
  • Play  and read just for fun.

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