Happy Family dress up

By kylemawer  

Level: Beginners

Location: Computer room

Language Focus: Physical description: clothes/ body.

Skills Practice: Reading

Game: Happy Family Dress up

Screen shot 2010-05-31 at 7.00.39 AM


1.  Play a game yourself and write out a description of the family like this:

  • The boy has got black hair and dark skin. He’s wearing an orange striped top with short sleeves and a long-sleeved white top underneath. He is wearing green combat trousers and white trainers. He is also wearing a black baseball cap.
  • The man has got blonde hair and pale skin. He’s wearing a blue checked shirt, black jeans and brown shoes. He isn’t wearing many accessories but he is wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.
  • The woman has got long straight brown hair and dark skin. She’s wearing a light brown top, a white skirt and knee high brown boots. She is also wearing a white necklace with red rubies which matches her glasses.
  • The girl has got long blonde hair and a pigtail. She’s got light skin. She’s wearing a pink hat, a pink flowery dress and boots like her mum but they are light brown. She’s also wearing sunglasses a simple necklace and some coloured bracelets.
  • They are all on holiday at the beach.
2.  Print out the description for each learner or provide access to an electronic copy on each computer.
3.  Take a screenshot of the family and print it out or save it on a separate document.


  1. Learners read the description and reproduce the family.
  2. Learners stand up and look at other learner’s results and spot any differences from the written description.
  3. Learners compare their result with the screenshot and write down any differences.

Post Play

  • Learners create their own families and write a description down using the original as a model.
  • Learners expand on the written description to either include other elements (hats, gloves etc) or expand on the complexity of the language (an expensive long-sleeved checked shirt etc).
  • Learners reproduce a family from the written description of another learner.

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