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Help the nerd, Hewitt, get a date

The goal in this adventure game is to help Hewitt find a girl for the dance. The game is large, so it takes a while to load – it’s also a long game and takes a long time to finish.

There are detailed instructions at the beginning of the game, too

Recommended Use with English Learners:

  • It’s best to play this game in a connected classroom (i.e. one with an IWB or Data Projector)
  • Play the game in class together and deal with vocabulary as you play the game
  • Get the learners to take turns to play Hewit and stop and ask for suggestions / advice on what he should do as the game progresses (e.g. What should Hewit do now? Why? etc.)
  • An extra activity here is to ask the learners to write what happens in the game as a story afterwards – they can always continue playing after class if they really like the game, or use their imagination to describe what happens in the end


It’s an easy game to use in class, and one that requires little preparation – the most important thing is to take your time playing the game and make the most of all the language opportunities (the questions, vocabulary, etc.) that emerge as you are playing. Don’t let the playing of the game overtake the real reason for using it – i.e. to practise language!

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