Scan The Scale of The Universe

By kylemawer  

Level: Intermediate+

Location: Connected classroom

Skills Focus: Reading

Language focus:  Question forms

Game:  The Scale of The Universe

This interactive guide allows you to zoom in from the edge of the known universe right down through to the smallest thing known (quantum foam) while looking at a few things along the way and in between.



 Pre Play

  1. Tell learners they are going to watch a video and then in pairs have a minute to write down ten of the objects they saw.
  2. Play the video of The Scale of the Universe 
  3. Give  learners a minute to write down ten objects they saw.


  1. Learners take their list of ten objects to the computer room.
  2. In pairs they play the game The Scale of The Universe and find the ten objects they wrote down in their list.
  3. They read the information about each object on their list and choose a single fact.
  4. They then write down the question to elicit the fact along with the answer.
  5. Continue until they have ten questions.
  6. Fast finishers can read some more.

Post Play

  1. Pairs take it in turns to ask the rest of the class one of their questions.
  2. In pairs learners listen to the questions and write down an answer.
  3. Feedback on the answers and declare a winner.  You can give two points for a right answer or one point for the closest answer.
  • You can change the Pre-play activity by telling learners the gist of the video and getting them to predict ten objects they expect to see.  They then watch and tick the objects they saw.
  • You can change the Play activity and encourage greater reading by telling learners they can choose different objects in the game.
  • You can change the Post play activity by eliciting the questions you do feedback on the answers (ask the learners who asked the original question to nod or shake their head as the class guesses what their question was).

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