Music Box Of Life

By kylemawer  

Level: Pre-intermediate

Location: Connected Classroom

Skills Focus: Writing

Language focus:  There is / There are some/n’t any

Game: Music Box of Life

This is a nice spot the difference game.  Nice for two reasons.  One, that there is no time limit so learners have time to look, talk and write.  Two, that as you find the differences and you move onto the next stage the pictures begin to tell a story. 


Do a little PPP (Presentation, Practice and Production) for there is/ there are. Don’t forget to cover the negative forms too along with the use of a/an/ some and any.


Show the class the first stage of the game (a girl listening to a music box sitting down in her bedroom) and elicit some differences between the two pictures using the target language. e.g.

There is a green carpet.

There are some socks on the girl.

There is an open window.

It’s worth pointing out that the differences in the pictures can be a little more complicated than this.  For instance, The difference between the two pictures is that a corner of the green carpet may be turned over in one and ok in the other.  For the purposes of practicing English at a low level I allow my learners simply to identify the object which is different rather than the actual specifics of the difference.  Also don’t start a level and come back another day and expect the differences to be the same – they change in order to make returning players a challenge.

The purpose of eliciting the sentences is to direct learners towards the language task.  Now that they know that you expect them to produce specific language you can move on.


Put learners into teams of two players.

On a new screen of the game (either start the game from the beginning or go onto the next level) tell your learners that the first team to find the differences and write them down and give them to you can click on the differences in the game.

The game Music Box of Life is designed so that if you click on a difference you get points, a visual effect and an audio cue in the way of feedback.  You also lose points if you get it wrong.  If a team does get a difference wrong ask them to sit down and another team to bring you a difference written down.

Post Play

  • Error correction on learner written sentences.
  • Memory test – can they remember and say some of the differences they saw?
  • Elicit the story that the pictures told.
  • Ask them to play Music Box of Life part 2 for homework and write some sentences.





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