The Idiot Test

By kylemawer  

Level: Beginners

Location: Connected Classroom with an IWB

Skills Focus: Reading

Language focus:  Colours, shapes & basic vocabulary

Game: The Idiot Test

This is a great game to have on an interactive whiteboard for fast finishers.  Learners can take it in turns to see who can get furthest through the game before making a mistake and having to start again.  This website has a series of 4.



This is a game that learners even from a very early age pick up quite easily.  A few problems come from not knowing select vocabulary but vocabulary that can be explained quite easily with a basic English level (e.g. click the lightest square – show two or three crayons of the same colour but different shades to illustrate the idea of dark and light as well as the comparative.  Shapes you can draw in the air).


Usually the preplay activity is something that my learners find time consuming and tedious.  The last time I used it was when the class was doing tests and some finished more quickly than others.  I gave them this game to occupy themselves.  The difficult part for me then was making sure that the learners still doing the test weren’t too distracted.  Turning their chairs the other way and monitoring was he best solution to this.


Give learners control of the IWB to play the game.

Post Play

Ask learners what new words they have learnt.

Test learners on vocab that appears in the game.

NOTE  Be very sure that the fact that this game is called ‘The Idiot Test’ won’t cause issues in the class.  If your class takes this as part of the fun and humor of the game then it’s ok.

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