Disney Top Trumps

By kylemawer  

Level: Pre-intermediate

Location: Connected Classroom

Skills Focus: Speaking

Language focus:  Comparatives and superlatives

Game: Disney Top Trumps

This is Disney’s online version of the popular Top Trumps game which is great fun for practicing comparatives and superlatives.


Present  and practice comparative and superlative forms.


Learners draw a table in their notebook consisting of four columns.  They label each column and complete the noun column.  We do this together and I usually letter dictate each noun in chunks of three letters.  We then work together to fill in the other columns.  The one that usually causes the most problems is converting ‘first on film’ to an adjective.  Asking what time the class starts and eliciting the adjective for someone who arrives after this time and before usually does the trick.  It’s then just a matter of ompleting the comparative and superlative forms.


  1. Divide the class into two teams (girls Vs boys, for instance).
  2. Open the game and present it to the class.
  3. Choose the two player option for the purpose of practicing the comparative form.
  4. Ask the class who it is and see if you can elicit the name of the film the character appears in.
  5. Go through the six traits asking “Is he/she happy?”, “Is he/she magical?” etc
  6. Ask your learners to choose the characters best trait and click on it.
  7. Another Disney character will be played against the main character and students will have to remember a) who it was and b) produce a comparative form based on the trait they chose.
  8. Ask learners to either say it along or write it down.

For superlatives form choose the four player option and divide the class into four teams (green, purple, orange and blue). Each team should produce either a correct comparative or superlative sentence for their character.  Ask the class to decide if it’s true (1 point) and grammatically correct (1 point).

Post Play

Learners choose a cartoon character they like and make their own Top Trump card.  Tell them they have 200 points to distribute amongst the first five traits and for the final trait (First on film/ Tv) either look it up online in class or set it for homework along with either drawing and colouring the character or cutting it out of a magazine.  Next class you can collect all the cards and play an open class game.



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