By kylemawer  

Level: Beginners

Location: Connected Classroom

Skills Focus: Speaking

Language Focus: Colours (blue, red, green, yellow)

Game: Sveerz

This is an easy to play and simple game that’s starts beginners out with just four colours and makes an early introduction to colours in English a fun but challenging process.  Enter your name and choose which version of the game you want to play.  Steer clear of the arcade version and play the puzzle, memory, or rhythm versions (these three are free to download not online).

The big faces around the edges call out their colour in a random order and you have to press the small faces inside the hexagon in the same order from memory.


A little PPP (Presentation , Practice and Production) on the four colours you can see in the game above (blue, green, red & yellow).


  1. Present the game to the class and show them how to play (it’s surprising how quickly learners can pick up the rules) the game.
  2. Learners watch and listen to the colours in the game.
  3. They then call out the colours together.
  4. The teacher clicks the colours in the order the learners say.
  5. Repeat until interest in the game begins to fall.
A variation of this is to ask for a volunteer to come to the game and click on the colours instead of the teacher.  Another variation is to divide the class into teams to compete against each other.  The team that can get the highest score OR go through the most rounds without making a mistake is the winner.

Post Play

Learners play a memory game in which they take it in turns to say a colour, repeat what their partner has said and add their own colour.  Sometimes this can be quite difficult so they can keep a list by either writing the name of the colour or drawing the colour using a coloured pen/pencil on a piece of paper.  They swap this ‘list’ each turn.  The person with the list is listening to their partner remember and say the colours.




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