Halloween Game

By kylemawer  

Level: Pre-intermediate

Location: Computer Room

Skills Focus: Reading

Language focus:  In-game Vocabulary

Game: Halloween

This is quite a simple game very loosely linked to Halloween but with some vocabulary which could be useful.


Have a copy of the Halloween walkthrough printed for yourself.  You may also want to play the game yourself to familiarise yourself with the game, check the level of language and if the images are appropriate.

Pre play

  1. Call up the walkthrough to the game and ask learners to write down 5 words they don’t understand.
  2. Elicit the words from your learners and ask other learners to translate.  Click on any of the highlighted words that they don’t know.  This is orientating learners towards the fact that words they don’t know in the walkthrough have an image if they click on it.
  3. Continue until learners words have been covered.


        1.Get learners to open up two windows:

Play the Halloween Game

Halloween Help

        2. Learners play the game reading the walkthrough to help them.

        3. Stop the game when all have finished.

Post Play

  1. Play the game again in class eliciting from your learners what you have to do to complete the game.
  2. Learners make a poster based on vocabulary and images from the game.



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  1. Newelly
    Posted October 29, 2013 at 12:33 pm | Permalink |

    Any help on how to combine the two pieces of wood to make a cross?I can click on one and the other but combining the two to make a cross has me stumped.

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