An Online Game For Halloween

By kylemawer  

Level:  Intermediate

Location: Computer room

Skills Focus: Reading

Language focus:  In-game language

Game: Darker Ride Escape

Here’s quite a spooky online game to use with your class right in time for Halloween.  You find yourselves trapped inside a haunted house train ride at the fair and you need to solve various problems to be able to escape.


You may like a copy of the Darker Ride walkthrough for you to help any learners who get stuck while playing the game.  I never recite from this walkthrough but rather read, take in the information and then ask them questions that’ll guide them towards the answer.  This is a different walkthrough to one your learners will be using, by the way.


  1. Learners write down 1 – 11 in their notebooks before closing them and folding their arms.
  2. Meanwhile open the game on a screen that the whole class can see.
  3. Tell them they are going to see 11 rooms in a spooky halloween game.  When the game appears ask them where they are and to predict what’s in there.
  4. Tell them you are going to show them a room in the game for 10 seconds and they are to tell their partner what they can see as quickly as possible.
  5. Show the class the 11 rooms for ten seconds each (moving to the left) and when you reach the end go back to the first screen.
  6. Ask learners to open their notebooks and write down as many nouns from each room next to the numbers.  Tell them they don’t have to be in the same order but that you’ll be impressed if they are.
  7. Reshow the 11 rooms again eliciting vocabulary.  Praise those who get “good” words, most words and most rooms in the correct order.


1.  Take your learners to the computer room.

2.  Tell them they can talk and ask questions to anyone in the room but it has to be in English.  If  they don’t you’ll come and start the game again (click on the address in the tab at the top to highlight the game’s web address and press return.  The game reloads at the beginning).

Ask them to open two web pages:

Play The Game

Read The Clues




3. learners play the game using the clues to help them.  Any new vocabulary they should record in their notebooks next to the numbers they wrote down in class.

4. Stop the game when someone/ a group finishes the game.  Other learners have 2 -5 minutes (you decide) to finish the game by asking the fast finishers questions.

Post Play

  • Learners draw and write a description of a 12th room.
  • Learners write the wakthrough.



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