A Christmas Game Gap Fill

By kylemawer  

Level: Intermediate+

Location: Computer room

Skills Focus: Reading/writing (gap fill)

Language focus: Christmas vocabulary

Game: Monkey Go Happy ChristmasPreparation

  1. Print off a copy of the Monkey Go Happy Christmas Gap Fill Activity.  Keep the Teacher’s copy for yourself and make a copy of the gap fill activity for each pair of learners in your class.

Pre Play

  1. Hand out the Gap fill activity and ask pairs to circle any words they don’t know.
  2. Learners compare the words they have circled with another pair.
  3. Ask class if there are any words they don’t understand and describe, define or translate them as necessary.
  4. Ask pairs to look at the spaces on the page.  Ask class what word do they think is missing from the first line.  They can write their guess in pencil.  Accept any that are linguistically correct rather than on your copy.
  5. After covering the first three lines in open class get learners to work in pairs to guess and write a possible answer in each space.
  6. Learners compare with another group.


  1. Ask learners to bring their gap fills to the computer room.
  2. Tell learners they are going to play a game and correct their guesses with the answers in the game.
  3. Learners play the game and correct any of the sentences as they see fit.
  4. Stop the activity when they have finished the game and the gap fill activity has been completed.

Post Play

  1. Learners compare their answers with another pair.
  2. In open class discuss the answers and decide if any different answers are wrong or if both are right.
  3. Learners compare their answers with the original Monkey Go Happy Christmas walkthrough and discuss any differences.






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