100 most common words in English

By kylemawer  

Level: Intermediate (and above)

Location: Connected classroom

Skills Focus: vocabulary / 100 most common English words

Game: Quizicon

Nothing too remarkable here.  What you see below is what you get.

There are a number of ways you can do this:

Open Class

Your learners may simply like completing this as a collaborative activity in the classroom.  Present the game for all to see and press start after you’ve read out the instructions.  Then ask your learners to shout out words and see how many you can get as a class in 5 minutes.

A competitive element

Really the same set up as above but instead of shouting out the answers you put your learners into small groups and you give them five minutes to brainstorm and write down words they think will appear on the Quizicon board.  When the timer runs out reset it and tell your learners they get a point for each of the words they’ve listed that appear on the Quizicon board.

Fast Finishers

Sometimes a computer room activity can be completed by one  or a few groups ahead of the others. Give them this game to occupy them while others finish the other set activity.

Hurried Homework

Some learners simply crave a bit of homework that is educational, offers fun but is also a challenge.  I set up an edmodo site for an adult intensive course and this is one of the activities I posted for learners to ‘Do try this at home‘.

Turn Taking

Another team activity where teams take it in turns to guess a word.  If they guess a word right they get a point get it wrong and it passes to the next team. Continue until time runs out and then add up the points and declare a winner.

Memory Test

If a significant number of words were not guessed in a previous Turn Taking class then a return to this game (if your learners are willing) could prove a challenging memory test.  Generally, the game proceeds very quickly at the beginning as learners remember the words they remember and it gets progressively more difficult as they progress near and past where they reached last class.

100% Correct Challenge

Offer a prize or similar incentive (I offered less homework for a short period) to the first person who could present me with proof that they had successfully completed all of the words. I reasoned that even if they did this by cheating it would have required a level of ingenuity that deserved rewarding.



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