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More than a just digital star chart for learners

I have decided to try gamifying a class again this year. Two years ago, I adapted Chore Wars to use with a group of teenagers studying for the First Certificate Exam and had mixed results. Since then, I introduced Class Dojo to teachers of our school, and it’s been a real hit with the primary and [...]

World of Work vs World of Warcraft

Most people don’t make a connection between the world of work and World of Warcraft, but they intersect in many ways. On 5th August, in a webinar for IATEFL BESIG, Graham Stanley looked at this and some ways a Business English teacher could make use of computer games and gamification in their practice. The recording for [...]

Unlocked achievements

We have written about gamification in previous posts on this blog, including tools such as Class Dojo and Chore Wars. Here’s another way you can use the idea of gamification in class if you have a data projector and computer (or IWB) in order to motivate students to work harder and for you to help [...]

Gaming the EFL classroom

It’s my pleasure to introduce a guest blog post by James York, who, as I mentioned last week, has been doing some very interesting things in his classroom, using gamification to motivate his students. Thanks, James for an inspiring piece on how you get started – I’m sure it will lead to more language teachers [...]

Increase in interest in game-based language learning and teaching

  This week, the ‘Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification‘ TESOL EVO session comes to an end. It’s been an enjoyable 5 weeks, with some great live sessions from special guest speakers and lots of sharing of ideas and enthusiasm in the Moodle forums. The TLLG Moodle won’t be around for long, but the highlights [...]

Free online workshop on Gamification

Come and join us on the free 5 week online workshop on ‘Teaching and Learning Languages through Gamification‘ The workshop, facilitated by Paul Braddock and Graham Stanley is one of a number of similar workshops that have been organised for the annual TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO). Over the next 5 weeks, participants will be [...]

Reward or Punishment: Gamification with Class Dojo

Class Dojo ( is a realtime behaviour management system for teachers who have an internet-enabled computer and a projector (connected classroom)or IWB. You start by creating an account and setting up a class by typing in the names of your students. Avatars for each student are automatically generated during this process. In class, you select [...]

Gamify your classroom with Chore Wars

Gamification One definition of gamification is the use of features usually found in games in areas of life which are usually game free. Only time will tell if this buzzword becomes the next big thing as some people are predicting, but meanwhile, sites such as Chore Wars can help you make a game of some [...]

Classroom Management Chore Wars, Classdojo, Flight, Skyscraper Parcours   Beginners Alphabet (1 Alphattack, 2 Type ‘em up), Clothes (1 Halloween Dress Up , 2 Hero Machine) Colours (Sveerz)Directions (Pacman, Orbox), Driving & directions (Driver Seat), Ordinals (Spooky Match), Pronunciation (Valentine’s Typing) Reading (1 Ant Hill Trap, 2 Cinderella’s Magic Escape, Christmas Scene), Speaking (1 Dot-to-dot, 2 Orpheus), Virtual Pet, Vocabulary (Farm, The Idiot Test) Elementary Directions (1 Pacman/ Orbox), Physical [...]