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Charles Dickens’ London

Level: Upper Intermediate/ Advanced Location: Computer Classroom Skills Focus: Reading Language Activity:  Note-taking Language focus: Used to/ would/ could have Game: Charles Dickens’ London To celebrate the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, Digital Play has found a game for you packed full of lovely written text for your learners to practice reading and learn a [...]

Reservoir Dogme

Level: Upper Intermediate/ mature students Location: Connected Classroom Skills Focus: Reading/ Speaking Language focus:  Meaning from context/ hypothetical situations Game: Mr. Vengeance This game contains scenes of cartoon violence (against stickmen) using guns and with scenes of blood so discretion is advised when using this game.  Adapting this game came about as a result of mature students in [...]

A Detective Themed Game

Language Level: Advanced Skills Focus: Reading Location: Computer room (multiple computers) Game: Rizzoli and Isles If I ever ask teachers if there’s a game that they would want to use in class that’s based on a specific theme the most common answer is crime or a detective based game – so here’s one right here. [...]

The Power of Research

Level:  Upper Intermediate Location:  Computer Room Langauge: Giving advice – 2nd conditional/ should Skills focus:  Reading/ Speaking Game:  The Power of Research Welcome to a game where your learners will get the chance to live a little of the hectic life of a hospital doctor.  Most of the language in this game is quite low [...]

My American Farm

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills focus: Reading. Game: My American Farm     The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has commissioned a set of games aimed at teaching agricultural literacy.  The selection of games test players on topics as diverse as geography, maths, ingredients to recipes and even the best type of machinery to mow the [...]

MP for a Week

Level: Advanced Location: Computerroom Language skills: Reading Topic: The British electoral process Game: MP for a Week   This is a great activity for an advanced group of English language learners with not only lots of reading practice but also the opportunity to learn a little about the political process that a British MP has to [...]

Xtranormal Movie Maker

Level: All Location: Computer room Language Focus: Any Game: Xtranormal Xtranormal is a text to speech movie maker that’s free and easy to join.  It might be a bit heavy to run but it’s a definite hit with learners. On the right here you can see a screen shot of the movie maker editor. The [...]

It’s not a walkthrough – it’s a marathon!

Level: Advanced Topic: Discussing a sequence of events Language Focus: Linkers and sequencers, (first of all, then, after that, finally, etc) Location: Classroom/ Computer room Game: War Bears: Mission 1 I like this game because well, it’s fun first and foremost.  It’s also very easy to keep an eye on learner’s progress in the game [...]

Another Interactive Text Adventure : Spent

As Chris Roland showed us with Inanimate Alice (Part I & Part II), there is a lot of scope for language learning and teaching in Interactive fiction. Spent is a very different type of text adventure. It’s not interactive fiction – firstly, because it deals with a very serious subject : poverty. It is also [...]

Learning Quest

Learners Listen to Audio plays, solve clues collaboratively while exploring a virtual world Level: Intermediate or Advanced Location: Connected classroom/ Home Skills Practice: Speaking/ Listening Game: Robin Hood Learning Quest It’s not often you get a fun game which is aimed at more than one Language learning level but this one does.  You first join Second [...]