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Anika’s annotated Odyssey

Level: Intermediate (and above) Location: Computer room Skills Focus: reading Game: Anika’s Odyssey One day Anika’s toy rabbit gets stolen by an Eagle.  Help her journey out and get it back. This is a nice attractively drawn adventure game where you have to use the mouse to solve puzzles and move the narrative on.  There are a number of [...]

An Awareness Raising Game with Stop Disasters

Level: Upper Intermediate (and above) Location: Connected classroom Skills Focus: Speaking/ Writing Game: Stop Disasters This is a disaster simulation game covering such scenarios as Tsunami, Hurricane, Wild Fire, Earthquake and Flood.  Students play the game and discuss strategy and play while making notes on how to prepare for the disaster scenario of their choosing. When you have to [...]

It Makes Sense

Level: Intermediate Location: Computer room (multiple computers) Skills Focus: reading Language focus: In-game vocabulary Game: BBC Senses Challenge What makes sense here?  Well, for starters the play here revolves around a BBC interactive quiz based on the 5 senses which happened to tie in nicely with a unit in a class course book that focused on verb forms connected [...]

A Subversive Satirical Simulation

Level: Upper intermediate+/mature students Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/writing (reading comprehension check) Language focus: Reading Game: McVideo Game This is simulation game is a parody of the fast food chain McDonalds taking quite a negative view of the production process which you, the plater, become implicit in.  There’s a lot to get to grips with in this game as [...]

A Christmas Game Gap Fill

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/writing (gap fill) Language focus: Christmas vocabulary Game: Monkey Go Happy ChristmasPreparation Print off a copy of the Monkey Go Happy Christmas Gap Fill Activity.  Keep the Teacher’s copy for yourself and make a copy of the gap fill activity for each pair of learners in your class. Pre Play Hand out [...]

A Teacher Gaming Dictation

Level: Pre-intermediate/ Intermediate Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Listening/ Gaming dictation Language focus: Guessing meaning from descriptions Game: The Smurfs’ Last ChristmasPreparation Print off a copy of The Smurfs’ Last Christmas walkthrough for yourself.  You’ll use this to base your dictation on.  Read the walkthrough and think about how you might define or describe the objects listed in the [...]

Argument Wars

Level: Advanced+ Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/ Discussing choices Language focus: Guessing meaning from context Game: Argument Wars In this game you play a lawyer working on a case in court.  You have to choose and present your arguments to the judge while also arguing with the opposing lawyer.  The lawyer who presents the best argument wins. Introduction [...]

An Online Game For Halloween

Level:  Intermediate Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading Language focus:  In-game language Game: Darker Ride Escape Here’s quite a spooky online game to use with your class right in time for Halloween.  You find yourselves trapped inside a haunted house train ride at the fair and you need to solve various problems to be able to escape. Preparation [...]

Halloween Game

Level: Pre-intermediate Location: Computer Room Skills Focus: Reading Language focus:  In-game Vocabulary Game: Halloween This is quite a simple game very loosely linked to Halloween but with some vocabulary which could be useful. Preparation Have a copy of the Halloween walkthrough printed for yourself.  You may also want to play the game yourself to familiarise yourself with the game, [...]

Guessing Meaning From Context

Level: Upper intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading Language focus: Guessing meaning from context Game: Something Amiss As an autonomous learner there are times when you come across a word that you don’t know and there’s nothing you can do but guess at the meaning. Maybe there is no-one to help you, no dictionary or online resource available [...]