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Digital Play – the e-book

Some of you will remember that our blog became a book.  We can now announce that the book has now become an e-book which is available from amazon: Digital Play (DELTA Teacher Development Series) Kindle Edition Published by Delta Publishing,Digital Play – Computer games and language aims is part of the great DeltaTeacher Development series, which includes other [...]

Digital Play Around The World

Scoop.it is a great free tool to use in class by getting your learners to curate their own highly visual magazines.  They choose a topic they are interested in, source content for their scoop.it online, then they scoop.it. They can edit the links description and also write a personal reflection or comment below. If you’ve [...]

Play To Learn: Digital Games in ELT

Play to Learn:Digital Games in ELT is an online course being run by Consultants-e aimed at English language teachers, trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers and mentors, who are interested in introducing digital games into their teaching. On the 12th of October Digital Play was invited to participate in an online video conference and answer a number [...]

Digital Play post-ELTon win interview

The British Council website English Agenda has added more ELTons related content to the site, with video interviews of the winners and photos taken during the ceremony and on the red carpet and afterwards. Here’s the interview we gave after winning our award:

Language Teaching with Online Digital Games

Digital Play is pleased to invite everyone to participate in a free online course this December in Language Teaching with Online Digital Games held on the SEETA (South Easter Europe Teacher Associations) website. The course is an introduction to using online games in the ELT classroom and is free for anyone who wants to attend. [...]

Competition Time

Christmas is coming and we’ve got a copy of Digital Play: Computer games and language aims up for grabs.  All you have to do is find a Christmas game online and create a language learning activity around it.  Instructions need to be clear enough for a teacher to repeat it with their class, fun enough to [...]

Digital Play – the book!

Some of you will already know by now that our blog has become a book. Published by Delta Publishing, Digital Play – Computer games and language aims is part of the wonderful DeltaTeacher Development series, which includes other original resource books such as Teaching Unplugged by Luke Meddings and Scott Thornbury, and Teaching Online by [...]

Windosill – Connected Classroom Speaking Activity

Windosill (http://windosill.com/) is a beautifully made, attractive and original puzzle game that works well in the connected classroom as a way of stimulating speaking. LESSON PLAN The following lesson plan shows how the game can be played in a connected classroom (i.e. a classroom with a computer connected to the Internet), which is perhaps, where [...]

10 Sites for Playing With Images of Students

In September last year, we wrote about the film Gamer and featured a link to a site allowing you to create a Gamer film poster from your own photo. There are lots of other sites like this, allowing you to create altered images of yourself. Here are ten, with ideas of how you can use [...]

About Digital Play

Digital Play is a new blog aimed at language teachers who are interested in using computer games and other digital toys with learners. The main focus will be on English Language Teaching (ELT)