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Relative Clauses with Grow Cube

You can use this activity to practice both relative clauses and other grammatical areas.  The relative clauses task comes in later in this activity and targets non-defining relative clauses. Level: Upper-Intermediate Location: Connected classroom with IWB Language focus: Defining and non-defining relative clauses Game: Eyemaze GROW games Top left to right – Grow ver .3, [...]

Stop disasters – Start taking note!

A computer room note taking activity leading to a writing for homework. Level: Upper-Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills focus: Note Taking Game: Stop Disasters A disaster simulation game in which you choose a disaster scenario (tsunami, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake and flood) and “try to build upon an established community; providing defences and upgraded housing to [...]

Windosill – Connected Classroom Speaking Activity

Windosill (http://windosill.com/) is a beautifully made, attractive and original puzzle game that works well in the connected classroom as a way of stimulating speaking. LESSON PLAN The following lesson plan shows how the game can be played in a connected classroom (i.e. a classroom with a computer connected to the Internet), which is perhaps, where [...]

Gap fill point-and-click game

This is a point and click game where you have to find words in order to fill the gaps in a letter. Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer classroom Skills focus: Reading Game: The Big Escape Preparation Download a copy of The Big Escape Worksheet and print enough copies for each pair. Pre-play Hand out the worksheet [...]

Picture Dictation for an Online Game

Level: Pre-intermediate Location: Classroom Skills focus: Relay picture dictation Language focus: There is / are . . . , colours, bedroom furniture, prepositions of place. Game: Tucoga’s room Preparation Download and print a copy of the Game Picture Dictation. Put it on the wall in a fairly central position or make four copies and put [...]

Halloween dress up game

Level: Primary Location: Computer room Language Focus: Has got/ is wearing/ colours/ clothes/ parts of the body Game: Halloween dressing up game Preparation 1.  Go to the site yourself and create a character.  Take a screenshot of your character and print off a copy. 2.  Write the character description out .  e.g. He is a [...]

Halloween – 10 activities for the computer room, connected classroom and classroom

Here’s a brief description of ten Halloween activities for your English Language Learners.  They require very little preparation and I’ve included some tips on how to use them.  All these games were chosen because they are free, easily accessible, engaging and fun for English Language Learners. 1  Dark wood Level Low Level Primary learners in a connected [...]

Astro Empires Needs You!

Level: Intermediate & above Location: Home computer Topic: Worlds domination Skills Focus: Writing Game: Astro Empires Astro Empires is a purely text based game.  Look on the left at the screenshot and what you see is pretty much what you get.  It’s not at all the kind of special effects driven game that dominates the [...]

Air Pressure

This is a great game for class discussion.  The game is about the relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend aimed very much at teenagers. In the game you choose the best course of action for the boyfriend to take to reach the best ending to the game. Level: Intermediate+ Location: Connected classroom Skills Focus: Speaking [...]

Bonte Room Adjective Order

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Classroom then Computer room Skills Focus: Reading & Writing Language Focus: Adjective word order Game: Bonte Room This is a very short point and click game.  In the gap fill exercise some of the gaps can be filled by simply playing the game and copying them into the right place.  Some objects [...]