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Present Perfect Play

Level: Intermediate Location: Non-connected classroom Skills Focus: Writing Language focus:  Present Perfect This activity uses two screenshots as flashcards, which are taken from a game called ‘Hoppin at the Avocado Combos‘.  Students look at a screenshot taken at the beginning of the game and compare it to a screenshot taken at the end of the game and describe [...]

The Factory of Fear

Level: Upper Intermediate (mature) Location: Connected Classroom/ computer room Skills Focus: Speaking – describing the inside of an abandoned house. Language focus:  Rooms, objects in a house, directions, there is/are Game:  The Fear Factory This is quite a scary game because of the dark and moody atmosphere.  Using a video walkthrough, which learners can watch and relay information [...]

Panda’s Bigger Adventure

Level: Intermediate Location: Computer Classroom Skills Focus: Speaking/ Listening Language focus:  Connectors and Sequencers Game: Panda’s Bigger Adventure This game is about a time travelling Panda.  Panda has to first fix his time machine and then travel between various time zones in order to beat his arch enemy – the Pirate Robot. Preparation Download a copy of Panda’s [...]

Reading Game – Harry Quantum

Level: Intermediate Location: Multiple computers (Computer room /class set of laptops, etc.) Skills focus: Reading Game: Harry Quantum Episode 1: TV Go Home (point-and-click adventure) Time: 20 minutes+ Learners will probably need 30-40 minutes to finish, but they can always finish the game at home (a great way of giving them reading homework without them thinking [...]

The Rainy Day

Level: Intermediate Location: Connected Classroom/ computer room Language Focus: Error Correction Game:  The Rainy Day It’s not always a given that a good game with written text was written by a native English speaker.  For this reason you have to be prepared to identify and deal with language mistakes within a game.  This game is [...]

Escape From Christmas

Level: Pre-Intermediate Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Speaking Language focus: Prepositions of place, vocabulary in a house, imperatives (look, go, pick up etc) Game: Escape Pear Room The premise is that you get a little bit too drunk each Christmas and the family have decided they’ve had enough and locked you in the house.  It’s up to you to [...]

The First Hero

Level:  Intermediate+ Location:  Connected Classroom Skills Focus:  Writing Language Focus:  Narrative Tenses Game:  The First Hero A game set in the times of ancient greek with a nice shadow puppet look and feel to it. Preparation Either play the game using a walkthrough to familiarise yourself with the game or print a copy of the [...]

You drive like an old man

Driving games can be fun and useful for practising directions with students, but most driving games are not suitable for class because they are too fast. Driver Seat game by the insurance company Liberty Mutual, however is different. It’s the first ‘senior driving simulator’ aimed at raising awareness of what it’s like to drive a [...]

Quest For The Rest

Level:  Intermediate Location:  Computer Room Langauge: 1st conditional/ will Skills focus:  Writing Game:  Quest For The Rest If you’ve used Samorost 2 with a class then the graphics in this game will look familiar as both were made by Amanita designs.  In Quest For The rest you have to help a group of people solve puzzles and [...]

My American Farm

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills focus: Reading. Game: My American Farm     The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has commissioned a set of games aimed at teaching agricultural literacy.  The selection of games test players on topics as diverse as geography, maths, ingredients to recipes and even the best type of machinery to mow the [...]