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Charles Dickens’ London

Level: Upper Intermediate/ Advanced Location: Computer Classroom Skills Focus: Reading Language Activity:  Note-taking Language focus: Used to/ would/ could have Game: Charles Dickens’ London To celebrate the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, Digital Play has found a game for you packed full of lovely written text for your learners to practice reading and learn a [...]

Choice of the Dragon

This is a great interactive reader with a nice sense of humour for higher levels and a good way to get learners using an online dictionary. Level: Advanced Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading Game: Choice of the Dragon Preparation Decide how you are going to use the reader in class.  There are a few [...]

Stop disasters – Start taking note!

A computer room note taking activity leading to a writing for homework. Level: Upper-Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills focus: Note Taking Game: Stop Disasters A disaster simulation game in which you choose a disaster scenario (tsunami, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake and flood) and “try to build upon an established community; providing defences and upgraded housing to [...]

World Cup Rescue

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Language focus: Gaming dictation Skills Focus: Speaking/ listening Game: World Cup Rescue The World Cup has been stolen and you (Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo) have been chosen to go and get it back. Preparation Depending on how your computer room is set up you need to get at least [...]