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100 most common words in English

Level: Intermediate (and above) Location: Connected classroom Skills Focus: vocabulary / 100 most common English words Game: Quizicon Nothing too remarkable here.  What you see below is what you get. There are a number of ways you can do this: Open Class Your learners may simply like completing this as a collaborative activity in the classroom.  Present the game [...]

Argument Wars

Level: Advanced+ Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/ Discussing choices Language focus: Guessing meaning from context Game: Argument Wars In this game you play a lawyer working on a case in court.  You have to choose and present your arguments to the judge while also arguing with the opposing lawyer.  The lawyer who presents the best argument wins. Introduction [...]

Hunger Games

Level: Advanced/ Proficiency Location: Connected Classroom Skills Focus: Reading Language Activity:  Dictionary work Language focus: Translating words Game: Hunger Games – Trial by Fire This is a very fast paced timed game based on a scene from the block busting film the Hunger Trials.  This activity was designed to be played by a monolingual class and it helps if [...]

A Detective Themed Game

Language Level: Advanced Skills Focus: Reading Location: Computer room (multiple computers) Game: Rizzoli and Isles If I ever ask teachers if there’s a game that they would want to use in class that’s based on a specific theme the most common answer is crime or a detective based game – so here’s one right here. [...]

MP for a Week

Level: Advanced Location: Computerroom Language skills: Reading Topic: The British electoral process Game: MP for a Week   This is a great activity for an advanced group of English language learners with not only lots of reading practice but also the opportunity to learn a little about the political process that a British MP has to [...]

Choice of the Dragon

This is a great interactive reader with a nice sense of humour for higher levels and a good way to get learners using an online dictionary. Level: Advanced Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading Game: Choice of the Dragon Preparation Decide how you are going to use the reader in class.  There are a few [...]

Inside the Haiti Earthquake

This is an incredible web based game which uses original footage, photographs and real life stories from Haiti as you experience the aftermath of the Earthquake from the viewpoint of either a survivor, journalist or aid worker. Level: Advanced Location: Computer room Skills focus: Reading Game: Inside the Haiti Earthquake This is a very serious and [...]

Avalon – Online interactive reader

Level:  Advanced / Proficiency Location: Computer room / homework Language skill: Reading The Game:  Avalon is a text based role playing fantasy adventure game based on Dungeons and dragons, the stories of Tolkien and the Ancient Greek myths.  You read the story and make choices in the fantasy world as they are made available to you [...]