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It Makes Sense

Level: Intermediate Location: Computer room (multiple computers) Skills Focus: reading Language focus: In-game vocabulary Game: BBC Senses Challenge What makes sense here?  Well, for starters the play here revolves around a BBC interactive quiz based on the 5 senses which happened to tie in nicely with a unit in a class course book that focused on verb forms connected [...]

Monkey Madness Speaking Activity

Level: Pre-intermediate Location: Connected Classroom Skills Focus: Speaking Language focus: In-game vocabulary Game: Monkey Go Happy In my experience I’ve found that young language learners can assimilate and produce language above their level if they have an incentive to do so. Many times forms of digital play provide this incentive and learners can respond both to the challenge of [...]

A Christmas Game Gap Fill

Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/writing (gap fill) Language focus: Christmas vocabulary Game: Monkey Go Happy ChristmasPreparation Print off a copy of the Monkey Go Happy Christmas Gap Fill Activity.  Keep the Teacher’s copy for yourself and make a copy of the gap fill activity for each pair of learners in your class. Pre Play Hand out [...]

Vortex Point 2

Level: Pre-intermediate – Upper Intermediate Location: Connected Classroom Skills Focus: Reading and Speaking/ writing Language focus:  In-game language Game: Vortex Point 2 This is the second part of Vortex Point, a game and lesson plan we blogged before the summer.  Follow that link to check out how we used this game in a connected classroom.  We chose to return to [...]

An Online Game For Halloween

Level:  Intermediate Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading Language focus:  In-game language Game: Darker Ride Escape Here’s quite a spooky online game to use with your class right in time for Halloween.  You find yourselves trapped inside a haunted house train ride at the fair and you need to solve various problems to be able to escape. Preparation [...]

Halloween Game

Level: Pre-intermediate Location: Computer Room Skills Focus: Reading Language focus:  In-game Vocabulary Game: Halloween This is quite a simple game very loosely linked to Halloween but with some vocabulary which could be useful. Preparation Have a copy of the Halloween walkthrough printed for yourself.  You may also want to play the game yourself to familiarise yourself with the game, [...]

Dot To Dot

Level: Lower Level Primary Location: Connected classroom Skills focus: Speaking. Game: Dot-to-dot This is a nice little warmer that practices numbers and vocabulary. Preparation Choose one of the dot to dots pictures and have it up on the board before your learners come into the class.  It’s a good idea to remember what the picture title is but [...]

Desert Island Misc.

Level: Pre – intermediate Language: Vocabulary – action verb + noun Skills Focus: Dictionary work / Speaking Location: Connected Classroom Game: Dream Machine Nice little one screen game activity. Preparation Play the game and familiarise yourself with how to complete it using the Dream machine walkthrough. Pre-play task 1. Dictate the following text in chunks using [...]


Level: Advanced Location: Computer room Topic: Revision & test of course book vocabulary. Language focus: Reading Game:  Blockbusters How to play Your learner plays the single red team against the computer (the two blue guys).  The aim of the game is to make a white line across the board from top to bottom (or the [...]

Gap fill point-and-click game

This is a point and click game where you have to find words in order to fill the gaps in a letter. Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer classroom Skills focus: Reading Game: The Big Escape Preparation Download a copy of The Big Escape Worksheet and print enough copies for each pair. Pre-play Hand out the worksheet [...]