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A Subversive Satirical Simulation

Level: Upper intermediate+/mature students Location: Computer room Skills Focus: Reading/writing (reading comprehension check) Language focus: Reading Game: McVideo Game This is simulation game is a parody of the fast food chain McDonalds taking quite a negative view of the production process which you, the plater, become implicit in.  There’s a lot to get to grips with in this game as [...]

Gap fill point-and-click game

This is a point and click game where you have to find words in order to fill the gaps in a letter. Level: Intermediate+ Location: Computer classroom Skills focus: Reading Game: The Big Escape Preparation Download a copy of The Big Escape Worksheet and print enough copies for each pair. Pre-play Hand out the worksheet [...]

Alan Wake – A Video worksheet

At the beginning of this review there is a warning about the video having a violence content so it is recommended you watch to assess whether this activity is appropriate for your learners.  There is a lot of shooting, scary voices and a dark foreboding atmosphere throughout. Level: Upper intermediate /advanced Location: Connected classroom Skills [...]